Lander Industries Inc. is a manufacturing company with many operations including machining, molding, assembly, de-flashing, and database management.  Any given employee likely does some or all of the above processes.Positions available are primarily de-flashing jobs which involve removal of excess polyurethane (a rubber like material) from molded parts using hand rotary tools a.k.a. “Dremel tools”.  As a de-flasher you will be expected to sit at your station for 6-10 hrs/day 5 days/week.  Safety equipment required includes ear plugs/muffs, safety glasses/face mask, dust mask, and a ventilation fan.  Use of a personal music device may be authorized after 2 week probationary period.

Hiring Process

The hiring process would go as follows: fill out online form. Wait for live interview invitation,  schedule an interview, show up for interview.  If you are selected as a potential candidate for employment then you will be offered an audition.  Your audition would constitute a 2-8 hour time period in which you will have the opportunity to display your skills.  It will take a minimum of two hours if your good and may otherwise take more than 8 hours.  If and when you show that you can do the work needed you will then be given a two week paid, probationary period where you will have the opportunity to advance your skills and show your potential.  Expected levels of production are high (sometimes in the hundreds of parts) and if not met then you will be relieved of duty.  If you reach expected levels of quality and quantity then your probationary period will be extended until either you are released or hired as a full time employee.  Once hired, your pay rate will be, among other things, determined by your rate of production.  Attitude and attendance are also important.

More than 4 unscheduled absenteeism will result in termination.

Minimum 1 year expected employment duration.

Part time not available.

Two breaks and a lunch are usually but not always granted.

Expected scheduled shift:

  • Monday       8am-6pm
  • Tuesday       8am-7pm
  • Wednesday  8am-7pm
  • Thursday      8am-7pm


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